Rectify The Error OST File is In Use And Cannot Be Accessed With Result-Oriented Software

Microsoft® Outlook is used to a high extent in numerous parts of the world. There are millions of people who work on Outlook and find it extremely easy to use. However, some occasions are challenging and this affect working with OST files. Suppose you have come across error message OST File is in use and cannot be accessed then working with OST file is almost troublesome.

OST error Trouble: Those who work with MS Outlook knows all about OST files. These files store mailbox contents while you use Outlook in the offline mode. OST files are saved on local machine and stores mailbox content in the exact format as on Exchange. When you again connect with Outlook them entire data get merged with online mailbox. Thus OST files play a crucial role when there is limited internet connectivity or when it is Exchange downtime.

This clearly signifies that damage to OST files means high corruption to mailbox data. It is thus very important to understand all about OST file damage and its aftereffects. The error message confirms that OST files are badly corrupted. One of the error message mentioned below:

‘OST File is in use and cannot be accessed. Close any application that is using this file’

Why Error Crop Up? The above mentioned error likely to come up due to following mentioned causes:

  • Issues while synchronizing OST file on local machine with Exchange mailbox
  • Slow or no internet connectivity available
  • Attempt by so many users to access same OST file at a time
  • Runtime issues of some other program with Outlook

How to rectify error? Here are some Hit and Trial Things that may work around the OST error:

  • First of all quit Outlook and then restart it
  • Then quit Outlook, restart PC and then restart the MS Outlook
  • Use Scanost.exe facility, which is available in Outlook 2007 and with other lower editions. Use this facility via below mentioned steps:
  • Quit Outlook then run ScanOST.exe in the MS Outlook installation folder
  • In the Windows, avail Outlook profile name whenever prompted
  • When you are asked to select between Connect and Work Offline then go for Connect
  • Choose from the options ‘Scan all folders’ or ‘Choose Folder to Scan’ according to the need
  • You may select ‘Repair errors’ if needed and then press ‘Begin Scan’

The process will help to solve the error message but if by chance if failed to catch the access of the mailbox after using these fixes then it means that OST file damage is ultimately on a high level and you need to repair the files with some expert solution.

Fix OST File is in use and cannot be accessed via external tool: Resolve OST connected error soon via some reliable software solution such as OST to PST Converter and avail the beneficial help in no time. This is a known utility that aims at rectifying almost all sorts of error messages in one go.

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