How to Fix OST Synchronization/Corruption Issues in Outlook?

It is a long time now that Outlook is considered as highly reliable and known emailing application. In fact, even today, Outlook is most used email client as compared to others. It perfectly suits to fulfill the emailing tasks of almost all the organizations. The most beneficial aspect of Outlook is that it offers an opportunity to work in the offline mode when it is server breakdown. However, there are immense of the other occasions where damage and synchronization like situation appear and cause severe most hurdles. In such a situation, user wants to solve the query such as How to Fix OST Synchronization/Corruption Issues in Outlook?

Know all about OST Synchronization Error: As we all aware that Outlook provides an opportunity to users to work in the offline mode in case of network hurdles or whenever there are other cases. It saves immense of the data in OST files which get synchronized with Exchange after connectivity is established. Unfortunately, in some situations, OST files fails to synchronize with Exchange and failed to make any changes which are done in the offline mode.

Problematic scenarios with OST files: Here are some examples where user face major issues connected with OST files due to lack of synchronization between MS® Exchange server and Outlook:

First situation: Because of inapt internet connectivity, you failed to access Outlook into online mode. Thus, you chose offline mode for composing emails. These files are saved into Offline folder but failed to send even when connectivity is formed. You have checked online mode but you are clueless about those emails.

Second situation: You access your Outlook application for viewing the emails. When you opened your account in Outlook Web App and you were surprised to see the mailbox. You come across difficulties while reading email messages.

Third Situation: In every attempt when you try to synchronize OST files with Exchange, it failed in doing any good. There are immense of the error messages while syncing account and failed to synchronize with ease.

How to Fix OST Synchronization/Corruption Issues in Outlook? Resolve The matter using following methods:

Enable Cached Mode: May be cached mode for offline profile is disabled and these results into failure of synchronization failure. To enable cached mode, use following steps:

  1. First of all sign in Outlook profile
  2. Click Tools from menu bar.
  3. Then choose Data Files option and find the profile name, which is required to be synced. Click on ‘Set As Default’.
  4. The Browse Email, then choose the account name and lastly click Settings
  5. Go to Advanced tab and enable Use Cached Exchange Mode

Use Third-Party Software: If you make use of external software application such as OST to PST Converter then solutions are provided with ease. This is a known and reliable application suitable for fulfilling the need of OST migration into PST. You will be able to access OST data contents easily in PST after things are managed.

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